Replacement Windows Make Big a Difference in Home Values

by Robert Greenlee

The economy hasn’t looked this gloomy for many years. Not since the great depression have real estate values taken such a hit in the market place. Home values are just one more cohesive financial factor that has been severely challenged in this new global economic struggle.

Even though indicators are suggesting the worst might now be over, it doesn’t do much for your moral to see your retirement savings may have lost 40% or more of their value and your home probably has taken a substantial decline in value in the market place as well. Even if you were lucky enough to not have your mortgage tied to questionable banking and investment institutions, you more than likely lost a sizable sum of the value of your home as the real estate market plummeted to their lowest levels in recent history.

If you survived the downturn to this point with anything left in the bank and are still able to live in your home, consider yourself amongst the lucky. Tens of thousands of Americans lost everything including their homes in this financial calamity. Sadly there may be nothing short of actual charity or government assistance that can be done for those that lost it all. But for those that have managed to hang on to their homes, there is at least one thing we can do to get a boot strap pull up that has the possibilities for ramifications that far exceed our own personal concerns.

I know that this will sound very cliché but it will require you to spend money on your existing home. What I am about to outline is simple yet complex in nature and will hold true for home that are 10 years old or older. 90% of the homes that were lost to the economic crisis were new homes, or homes less than ten years old. It was those homes that generally got caught up in the bad banking and scandalous financial and financing system. Do some checking on your own, and you will find this to be true.

So why spend money now, when things look so bad? The short term reasons and results are simple. But the long reaching implications of doing this now could and most probably will have significant impact on our ailing economy, if a great enough number of people follow suit.

It is probably a fact that you lost at least some of the value in your home to the depressed home market. And even if you were one of the very few extremely lucky people who were all but untouched by the drop in the housing market this plan still holds great value for you.

So what is the plan? Simply put new replacement windows. There is nothing I know of or that can be easily proven which will add more value to existing home structures then upgrading windows and or doors. It has long been a fact that replacing existing windows and doors will boost a home’s marketable value when done properly.

I truly don't believe there are many that would argue the previous point. If you are a home owner, you inevitably know how sound the philosophy is. What you may not know is how truly sound the idea is for today’s economy. You may not have a full picture of the far reaching affects that the simple act of adding new replacement windows can have.

Few if any products will have the home based manufacturing infrastructure that replacement windows have. From the materials used right down to the labor force used in the manufacturing process, the greatest majority of what it takes to produce today’s residential windows in produced right here at home.

Think about it for just a moment, what does it take to build a window? Well for vinyl windows, it takes polyvinyl carbonate, although some of the oil used might be imported, the process to refine it and to extract the materials needed to manufacture the polyvinyl carbonate are done right here at home, creating jobs in the petrochemical field. The same holds true for aluminum windows, the aluminum is mined here, produced here and used here at home creating jobs in several different fields such as the mining industry and in other types of manufacturing.

The wood for wood windows is a home grown material processed here, harvested here, and consumed locally. This creates jobs in the lumber and timber products industry as well as others. Even the silica sand used to produce the different types of glass used in replacement windows is a home produced product coming from mining and dredging operations locally.

I won’t stick my neck out and say that all the materials and labor used to produce new windows is 100% home grown, because we all know this would be untrue. Some of the mass produced hardware and parts are probably still produced overseas, but in fact there is no reason they couldn’t be produced locally, and given the state of the economy doing so might not be a bad choice to consider.

But all in all, the materials, labor and technology to produce windows for your home are produced right here at home, creating jobs, stimulating the economy which is exactly what we need in this county to get us back on track. Because new replacement windows are produced in regional factories, using to the greatest degree possible, local labor forces and home grown or produced raw materials, they serve as a great stimulus to our overall economy without sacrificing much, if any to outside forces.

So adding new replacement windows to your home not only adds value to your home, doing so aids our national economy by helping to supplying jobs in many areas. New replacement windows may be one of the greatest stimuli our country could possibly have. Not many if any other industry or product can match them for the percentage of nationalism when it comes to materials and labor used in production. No other product has the ability to stimulate the economy in such a nationalistic manner while at the same time put vital dollars in the areas of our economy that are needed the most.

Furthermore this one act of installing new window replacements will save energy for the country, helping to cut down on green house gasses, lowering our dependence on foreign oil while at the same time improving the value of your home.

Name one other product or service that can have as much positive results for our country, for our economy here at home. One that can impact positively as many areas of what our country needs to recover as does installing new replacement windows. I’m betting you can’t think of even one that can come close. I know I can’t.

Robert Greenlee is a freelance author who writes for various web blogs and sites promoting green solutions for many of today's problems that face our planet's ecology. A proponent of Green living, participating in numerous Green day events and promoting Green living when ever and where ever he can. Robert Greenlee is a frequent contributor on New Replacement Windows and also Green Fuel Planet

Article Source: Replacement Windows Make Big Difference in Home Values

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